About the JoneGlobal team

In today’s connected world, people often travel for work and holidays with their loved ones. When overseas, we spend on accommodation, transportation, dining, shopping and experiences. These transactions are in foreign currency. We either pay with credit or debit cards or cash in foreign currency which we have to exchange with local currency. We too travel frequently and realise that when we use our cards, we have to bear the unfavourable foreign exchange rates with little transparency. The merchants have to bear transaction fees and other charges. It also takes time and effort before the trip to exchange cash for foreign currency at the money changers or banks. It is a trade-off between the costs and convenience!

Can things just be better and easier for travellers?

In Nov 2016, our co-founders participated in the MIT Fintech Future Commerce Course. We wanted to solve this problem and create a service where travellers can enjoy a fair and transparent rate conveniently. It became our capstone project during the course. Ideation and validation continued after the course, together with much advice and help from our friends and supporters. Today, we believe we have the solution to the problem. In providing the JoneQR service, travellers can now pay using QR codes on any payment e-wallet that they are comfortable and familiar with, and gain transparent access to a fair rate conveniently and securely. Now our users can focus on more important things and enjoy savings when they travel.